Fine Civil War Women's Clothing
Civil War Clothing
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Ladies' Fashions of the Civil War Era

The Generals Lady is Recreating the Beauty of Fashion and the Gentility of the Civil War.

The General's Lady brings you Civil War Clothing Reproductions
with authenticity in design and quality in creation.

Black on Black with tassels and fringe Black on Black with tassels and fringe

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Vintage Photo Gallery

Original Photos (CDVs) of Women of the Civil War
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Day Dress I Day Dress I

Day Dress 1

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Lace Ball Gown Lace Ball Gown

Elegant Lace Ball Gown
Call for Ordering Information and to order an "Uniquely Yours" Sizing Kit.
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Silk Ball Gown Silk Ball Gown

Silk Ball Gown
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Two toned scallaped Parasol Two toned scallaped Parasol

Day Dress II Day Dress II

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Black & White Parasol Black & White Parasol

Silk Ball Gown II Silk Ball Gown II

Silk Ball Gown II
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Day Dress III Day Dress III

Day Dress III
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Parasol Parasol

Gallery of Hats

A Gallery of Examples
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Day Dress IV Day Dress IV

Day Dress IV
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Day Dress V Day Dress V

Day Dress V
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Day Dress VI Day Dress VI


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Day Dress Gallery

More Day Dresses we have created
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Day Dress Gallery II

Short Hooded Cape Short Hooded Cape

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Long Hooded Cape Long Hooded Cape

Long Hooded Cape

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Cape and Cloak Gallery I

Hats Hats


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Bonnets Bonnets

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Of Propriety of Deportment, and its Advantages

Propriety of deportment is a happy union of moral and the graceful; it should be considered in two points of view, and ought therefore to direct us in our important duties as well as our trifling enjoyments. When we regard it only under this aspect, some contend that mere intercourse with the world gives a habit and taste for those modest and obliging observances which constitute true politeness; but this is an error. Propriety of deportment is a valuable results of a knowledge of one’s self, and of respect for the rights of others, it is a feeling of sacrifices which are imposed on self-esteem by our social relations; it is, in short, a sacred requirement of harmony and affection. But the usage of the world is merely the gloss, of rather imitation of propriety, since instead of being like that, based upon sincerity, modesty and courtesy, it consist, in not being constant in an thing, and in amusing itself by playing off its feeling and ridicule, against the defects and excellence of others, provided it is done with grace and never carried so far as to wound the self-esteem of any one.

Mary and I have had a 35 year friendship and passion for the American Civil War. We have traveled coast to coast visiting museums, old grave yards, historical homes, and have read what ever we could find on the life of women’s decorum before and during the war. The hardships, I believe, can never be surpassed; but I also believe that the war was more than “blood and mud”. No matter the station, rich or poor, North or South, women practiced and taught the rules of politeness, style and grace, which is more beautiful than beauty itself. With this being said, Mary and I have decided to attempt to contribute to our organization portals of “Women of Means” inspired by actual family members, Rebecca Sue Elliott and Mary Elizabeth Elliott from Elliott County, Kentucky. We hope that in some small way, we can teach the public that even during the darkest times of our history, women insisted on practicing the art of being ladies. I hope to write future articles on the subject of what was expected of women’s decorum under the heading “in the Presence of a Lady” depicting the rules of society from street manners to dressing for the occasion.

Judy Bauer and Mary Felder

About Our Ball Gowns

A word about our Ball Gowns:
The ball gowns pictured are samples of what have been made.  Each gown corsage is fitted, lined and boned.  We at “The Generals lady” believe gowns made for middle age and older ladies should be elegant, tasteful, and well fitted.  I do address “problem” areas and will discuss alternatives while still staying true to period.  

Ball Gowns: 

Grecian Corsage is slightly pointed front and back
Round corsage
Deep V corsage

Single puff
Double puff
Modified puff (made a little longer to hide our not so firm upper arms)

Typically our ball gowns are made with back hook and eye closures
All corsages are fully lined and boned

Knife pleats or box pleats or a combination of the two.
The skirts are made to accommodate the fuller hoops.

Fabrics are silk, silk taffeta or a combination of silk and lace. 
No cottons are allowed.
Trims of the highest quality are selected to coordinate with your gown.  I also use self rucheing depending on the fabric.

Remember ladies, white short gloves to the wrist were worn.  Jewelry was always worn with the ball gown.  Hair was decorated with head pieces or sprays of flowers silk or fresh.  I will address ideas for hair decorations in the “Hair accessories” area of the web site that are simple, elegant and fitting to the gown and the Lady.  

An example of the sizing process for a custom dress can be seen here at Sizing & Measurements.

Ball gowns start at $600.00

Tea Party
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Civil War Re-Enactment Event
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